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 Donation/Vip Inquiry.

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Donation/Vip Inquiry. Empty
PostSubject: Donation/Vip Inquiry.   Donation/Vip Inquiry. EmptyFri Feb 02, 2018 8:41 am

Donation Inquiry:

VIP Level 1 10$ USD
VIP Level 2 15$ USD  5$ USD if you already donated for VIP 1
House no custom mapping 10$ USD Each
Dynamic property gate 5$ USD if you donate for a house at the same time.
Installation seperate from house donation 10$ USD.
Reserved Cars 10$ USD Each.
Reserved Special cars NOT Admin vehicles! 15$ USD Each.
Types of cars divided:
Special cars:

1- Infernus
2- Hotring
3- Vortex
4- SeaSparrow
5- Sandking
6- Monster
7- Bandito
8- Kart
9- Patriot
10- All cop vehicles for active trusted cops only.
Normal Cars:
All else except the ones above.
Donation for cash:
1$ USD Can get you 400k each so you do the math.
Donation for REP points in-game:
1$ USD Can get you 4 Reputation points in game so again you do the math for higher quantities.
1- Name change: Costs 5$ USD to get your name changed and your stats moved to the new name.
2- Unique skins: Costs 5$ USD to get a skin that is not available in the skin class selection.
3- Forced divorce: Costs 1$ USD to divorce your current spouse without them being online.
Vip Inquiry:

VIP 1 Can:
1- Save extra 2 weapon slots.
2- Use /vc (vip chat)
3- Doesn't get kicked for being afk
4- Gets 2x the exp paycheck normal players get.
5- Spawns always with 100 armour
6- Gets extra 50+ weapon skill.
VIP 2 Can:
Do all of what vip 1 can
Save 3 homes that they can teleport to at any time, also gain another extra
50+ weapon skill.
#Vips also get a rank on the forum and get to join the V.i.p Group.
##The administrator has the right to refuse any demand of a vehicle/skin that is not suitable to be reserved/acquired and the donating person can choose another type of a legal decent vehicle/skin.
###Donations are NOT refunded.

My Github: Here
My Pastebin: Here
My Facebook: Here
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Donation/Vip Inquiry.
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